Emailing is a very fast and cost-effective method of advertising directly to schools.
We can email 28,000+ Heads and so drive traffic and buyers to your website.

The essential details:.....

  • We hold the details of 26,000+ Heads in the UK. The email records are 99.9% named recipients and drawn from the DfE and Regional databases.

  • We send your email twice, we call this a 'cycle'.

  • You get the open statistics and the click-through data. This includes the email address and many other details in .csv format. Or we will send a short 'sweeper' email to all the people who have clicked links instead of giving you the .csv file.

  • We will manage the whole process and set the text and pictures.

  • We check for spam filter words, make suggestions and proof the copy to you prior to it being sent. We can provide examples of these and will help to get the message right.

  • You are also welcome to provide your own HTML artwork.

  • We can select your target schools by specific criteria, please ask for details.


Results you’ll love

Emailing can tell you who opened your message, who followed the links and when they did it.
If they don't buy immediately you can then email them again, ring them up, send a brochure or write to them to develop the relationship.

Email is also fabulous for telling you what is right and wrong with your marketing efforts.
Add in Google Analytics and Smartlook to your analytical process and it quickly becomes very clear what you are getting right and wrong.